The Association

Association "Aid For Business" is a self-governing non-profit organizations, created by a voluntary association of interested parties.

The association created by a group of businessmen and Ukrainian companies to assist Ukrainian small and medium businesses in promoting their goods and services to foreign markets, the selection of foreign partners for Ukrainian businesses more competitive offers from foreign suppliers, the best conditions for business expansion or receiving investments, promotion in the creation and implementation of joint projects (enterprises).

The activities of the Association"Aid For Business" is based on the principles of advantages complementarity, mutual benefit and of uniting of interests, to strengthen trade and economic ties and promote cooperation. The Association strives to contribute into trade and production increase.

Types of activities

Associationopens offices in the regions in order to develop "horizontal" inter-regional economic relations between small and medium-sized businesses.

Association"Aid For Business" partners are known worldwide organizations such as the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, NGO "Council on Environmental Safety" National University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and many others.


Promoting sustainable increase in exports of goods and services of domestic enterprises and improving foreign enterprises import.


The Association was established for the following objectives:

  1. 1 Promoting cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, institutions, companies, organizations and private individuals, public authorities;
  2. 2 Promoting an increase in exports of goods and services of domestic enterprises;
  3. 3 Promoting the interests of exporters to the necessary structures in other countries.

Membership is free. The decision on membership in the Association is adopted by the Council on the basis of a completed application form, which can be downloaded in «to join the association» section.

The Association includes research and development, manufacturing and trading enterprises. The Association creates and maintains long-term cooperation relationships with many industry associations, chambers of commerce, unions and associations of enterprises in Europe and Asia.