Fields of activity

  1. Assisting member companies of the Association with searching for and networking with export-import companies and potential partners, as well as the negotiation, drafting and signing trade contracts, matching the details of transactions and maintain further communication between all parties involved.
  2. Checking the reliability of enterprises.
  3. Providing oral and written translation services, including translation of presentations, technical documentation, legal documents, marketing materials, etc.., The provision and secondment of interpreters for the meeting of the delegations.
  4. Placement of information about the products and the needs of businesses on the sites of the Association, tracking requests for proposals posted in real-time and bringing them to the attention of the parties concerned.
  5. Organization of delegations exchanges. Assistance in delegation reception, including the organization of meetings, accommodation, meals, transportation, site visits, meeting rooms, translation, and other support.
  6. Assisting in the preparation and conduct of, or an independent organization of various activities related to foreign trade, including exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences, business meetings, presentations, etc .; participating in these activities on behalf of the customer; inviting companies to participate in exhibitions and fairs, and other kinds of foreign trade activities.
  7. Assistance in the participation of Ukrainian companies in foreign and international tenders and competitions, related services provision.
  8. Provision of statistics on foreign trade and analysis of industrial markets to Ukrainian enterprises.